Sunflowers and Hummingbirds (by Monica Port)


“My work with Anne has been transformational. She is gentle and kind and always approaches each coaching session with curiosity and kind words to make all parts of me feel safe in the process. Through working with Anne, I am beginning to discover how multifaceted I am and how each of those facets plays a role in how I show up in the world. Giving voice to parts of me I have been ignoring for years allows me to be closer to my truer self. I can more easily tap into those pieces, especially when making decisions, and it has made me feel more peaceful in my daily life.”
—Melissa (she/her)
Director of Equity & Inclusion
“Anne has been a revolutionary voice for my self-care and mental health. Working with her has helped me come to terms with so many difficult aspects of my life and my journey to be my healthiest most authentic self. Her myriad skills coupled with her deep sense of compassion create a wonderful environment for the deeper aspects of self-reflection.”
“Anne’s Group Soulwork facilitation is wonderful. She skillfully guides you through breathing practices that help you feel embodied and prepared for deeper inner work. She leads from a place of compassion and curiosity and creates a safe space to learn the tools needed to develop your connection to your own inner wisdom and guidance.”
—K.B., Ashland, OR
“Anne is insightful and intuitive, and her work is grounded in solid experience of many modalities. I’ve found working with her very supportive, and she has guided me gently and compassionately to new insights. Her embodied SoulWork practices guided me powerfully and sensitively to new relationship with my body and all the parts of my being.”
—Jilani Cordelia, UK
Musician, Leader, & Mentor of the Dances of Universal Peace, Guide, & Teacher in the Sufi Ruhaniat International
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